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To prevent hair loss in addition to using the shampoo Morehair is convenient to consider the following recommendations for best results.


1-You should use  Morehair shampoo everyday, is very important to avoid using shampoos or tonics with chemicals that weaken the hair and cause the fall. Hair should be washed daily to remove excess sebum that accumulates scalp which causes hair does not grow normally. When you wash your hair with shampoo morehair should gently massage with fingertips on the scalp for about a minute.

2-To brush your hair you should use a brush with widely spaced teeth, this is very important because these brushes have her teeth very close and this makes hair entanglement in the brush and pulling the hair comes off easily.

3-Avoid as far as possible to use all kinds of gel or spray on hair because most of fixatives cause a blockage in the follicle, hardens the hair shaft and weaken hair growth. If is very necessary to use fasteners recommend using natural gel such use aloe vera gel in small amounts.

4-Something to take into account is that if you are going to wash your hair at night is very important dry well because go to bed with wet hair is bad for the hair.

5-Having short hair is good for hair health as it facilitates combing, also makes it easier hair washing.

6-Sometimes to wear a hat causes hair to fall over but it will depend a lot on the type of person.

7-Another aspect to consider is that it is important to wash your hair with cold water because hot water prevents proper blood circulation in the scalp causing more hair loss in the case of women may prefer to avoid dyes or ironing your hair as this weakens.