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ChampuOrtigaShampoo Morehair

This shampoo is a pure extract of five medicinal plants, Morehair is made with plants that stimulate hair strengthening and decreases gradually the fall. In the first two months of use it will see a noticeable decrease in hair loss, after to use Morehair for six months the hair is strengthened and stop falling.
Its ingredients are plants in which positive effects have been found to prevent hair loss and in some cases have been found new hair growth.






Nettle Root: Nettle contains large amounts of vitamins, including vitamin B1, В12, B5 (pantothenic acid), C, D and Е. Frequent use of nettle stops hair loss, strengthens weak hair besides giving them more volume.

Aloe: Decreases the fat that accumulates in the scalp, stimulating hair growth with increased volume.

Chine hulls: Nourishes and revitalizes hair, also accelerates their growth.

Cypress Seed: Stimulates hair growth and helps to halt the slide.

Achiote Sheet: They serve to stimulate hair growth.

This product is completely natural without side effects, also leaves a nice smell on your hair.