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You're losing your hair?

Hair loss is a problem that occurs most often in men and in some cases also in women.
This problem is caused by factors such as stress, the use of chemicals like shampoos that contain high levels of chemicals abrasives, dyes also contain large amounts of chemicals harmful to the hair, the constant use of hair dryers that involve excessive heat that are slowly damaging the hair follicles, also some diseases cause the hair to weaken and cause the fall, poor diet, genetic factors, among many others.

This is your solution!

Pelo largo

Morehair shampoo is a 100% natural, no chemicals, containing ingredients beneficial to prevent further hair falling. Each of the plants used for the manufacture of shampoos are recognized to treat hair loss especially nettle that besides having properties that stop hair loss in some cases could regenerate hair growth.
Being a natural product and no side effects have been found positive results in 95% of women and 80% in men.